Rich With Spellbinding Historical Detail, Here Is The Remarkable True Story Of An Extraordinary Horse And His Pioneering Trainer Who Captured The Hearts Of Americans At The Dawn Of The 20th Century: Beautiful Jim Key -- the one-time ugly duckling of a scrub colt who became one of the most beloved heroes of the turn of the century -- was adored not for his beauty and speed but rather for his remarkable abilities to read, write, spell, do mathematics, even debate politics. Trained with patience and kindness by one of the most renowned horse whisperers of his day -- former slave, Civil War veteran, and self-taught veterinarian Dr. William Key -- Jim performed in expositions across the country to wildly receptive crowds for nine glorious years, smashing box office records, clearing towering hurdles of skepticism and prejudice, and earning the respect and admiration of some of the most influential figures of the era, from Booker T. Washington to President William McKinley. At long last, masterful storyteller and best-selling author Mim Eichler Rivas returns two cultural icons their due, unraveling not only the mystery of their disappearance, but examining how, thanks to this rare and intimate relationship between horse and man, championed by promoter and humane activist Albert R. Rogers, a shift took place in the public mind that made kindness to animals a cornerstone of modern civilization. Unveiled against the backdrop of American history, this is their incredible tale.

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“Rivas brings to life a lost slice of Americana. . . . Exhaustively researched.” — People

“Like Seabiscuit, Rivas’ tale chronicles the adventures of a great horse and the men who loved him… Rivas’s engaging story is filled with eyebrow-raising details.” — Entertainment Weekly

“Rivas shows how the intimate bond between horse and man…propelled the growth of animal-rights and anti-cruelty groups” — Publishers Weekly (starred)

“Just might be the bottled lightning that was Hillenbrand’s Seabiscuit.” Kirkus Reviews

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